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Widely spread online fraud schemes
Part 2

     6. Automatic money earning software.

     You are offered to buy a software for $10-$20, which is going to automatically (!) earn much more for you, let's say $200 per month. Such a software does not exist and there's no way it can exist. When you buy and start a program it will usually surf internet and open some web-sites (as a rule the ones with viruses and porn), showing you your "earnings": $5, $10, $15....but when it comes to the withdrawal of your earnings nothing happens! The money you "have earned" was nothing but beautiful pictures on the monitor. Really it has never existed. Sometimes such an Aladdin's lamp is given to you for free! The surprise is that the gin would infect your computer with numerous viruses!

     There are different schemes of how the fraud may get your money for selling your worthless software. Be sure there's no such a thing indeed and take care!

     7. Business Plans.

     If you consider yourself to be the experienced internet user, you are likely to know about "magic" business plans being offered online. A long description of all the advantages of the plan, fake feedback from people with made up names and photos copied from random people on Facebook do have an affect on a simpleton's mind. Some people may really believe the business plan is so cheap (it's often said it's being solved with a discount) and that indeed it brings so much money, millions of dollars! Despite a generous discount the buyer is often offered free bonuses such as books, useful advice on how to earn maximum and so on. As a result some people pay money and get....guidelines on how to sell the same business plans! In a very primitive manner you are told how to create a website and start selling the same thing you have just bought. The funniest part of this SCAM is that the information the seller gives to the "clients" is available online for absolutely free in different .pdf textbooks devoted to web design, e-commerce and so on.

     8. A casino loophole.

     Once again someone tries to fool you telling there is a loophole in the online casino script due to the technical errors on the server or security imperfection of the script. You are told that using a special strategy of betting you are guaranteed to win. Let's think...the first question is why someone would tell such a secret. If one found out about the hole in the online casino script he would never tell anyone about it and tried to squeeze as much money from it as possible until the owners of the casino would find and fix the loophole. The person would never have that much time to create a website as none of the online casinos allows to win more than loose. The secret is that there has never been such a hole and the person sharing the secret is either the owner of the casino or the user inviting idiots via his referral link and getting a % of the casino's profits.

     9. PTC sites with unbelievably high click prices.

     It's no wonder it's real to earn money in normal and paying PTS sites. You may read about it there. In this article we'd like to tell you about not so usual Paid-to-Click services. Nowadays the competition among the PTCs is pretty serious. That's why it's hard for the new projects to rise, gain many users and much popularity. In order to stay in the game, the owners (the silly ones) raise the cost of the click for users leaving the cost for advertisers on the same level. According to this scheme the PTC incurs losses and the only way for the owner to earn is to ditch all the users and not to pay out the money they have earned in the PTC.


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