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Investment Funds Black List

     To start with, every day new HYIP services emerge and new HYIP services fall down. Do not get us wrong but it's impossible to manually monitor the situation and to update SCAM list. There are special HYIP monitors out there which deal with all that stuff. It's not a problem at all to find any of those HYIP monitors and check what the particular HYIP is up to. Also the thing is when it turns out the particular investment fund is a SCAM its web-site is not working any longer anyway so it makes no sense to put it on the list.

     That's why we'd like to tell you one thing -  try to use projects only from our resource. We'd do our best to upkeep the list of at least TOP 5 relatively secure investment funds. Five investment funds is quite enough to safely spread your deposit into 5 parts, invest and start raising money. Nevertheless, if you face some fraud on the working HYIP, do not hesitate to report us about it and we would look to include the SCAM site on this page to make sure no one gets tricked by it.


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