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     So, if you have ever visited any of the HYIP monitors, you know that there are 100+ investment funds out there. Each week a few ones declare bankruptcy and disappear.  The new and fresh ones pop up instead of the old ones. We are not going to fool anyone and we tell you the online investments is a risky business. Nevertheless, we do our best to monitor the situation and find out the best of the best of all HYIP services. Some of the projects presented here are very serious real companies and do not belong to the risky category we have mentioned above. Investments in MMCIS or Alpari are as safe as opening an account at some private bank. Though there is one negative point about big and safe investment companies. The minimum amount of deposit should be $300-2000. At the same time, online HYIP projects allow you to invest starting from only $1-5. Well, now let's observe a few prospective projects.

1. MMCIS. MMCIS is a very influential company. Its investment fund is only one of a several projects the company ownes, e.g. Forex-MMCIS. The company works with such serious partners as Radian, the insurance company, Gartner, the analytic company and Charles Schwab, the Broker. The investors' money go to the modernization of industry, science and technology. That's why the deposits are high. Usually the investor gets 40-50% annual profit. If you'd like to find out more, just visit the company web-site.



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