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Investment Funds. How to invest and not to loose money

     It's no wonder everyone has heard of keeping money at the bank. It's much better than to keep money at home as it's safe and you are also paid some %, usually equal to the inflation level of the country where the bank is located. Some people invest in stocks or obligations. Probably each of you has at least once visited HYIP or financial pyramid web-resources, where you are invited to invest some money and get paid for that. For instance, you invest 200 USD up to 2% daily profit for 14 days. In two weeks you get back 200 + (2*2*14) = 256 USD. Sounds great but you have to be careful and deal with reliable HYIP services only.

     The scheme of any HYIP is based this way:
  1. Gather investor's money.
  2. Operate and manage the money on the financial markets, stock markets and so on in order to get high profit.
  3. In the end of each investment plan term pay back the invested money of the respectable partner and add part of the company's income to the partner's deposit.

     Normally, investment funds pay 1-2% interest daily depending on the deposit and the term. Big investment companies usually offer different investment plans in order to find the solution for everyone to earn money. Earning-Empire has it's own HYIP monitor of trusted investment funds. Use only reliable investment companies and be aware of SCAM! In order to make your online earnings safer we invite you to visit our "Wide-spread fraud schemes".

HYIP     The qualities of the reliable project are usually the following:

- Unique design.

- The ability to contact admin or 24/7 online support.

- Presence of User Agreement.

- Presence of investors' feedback.

- Presence in popular HYIP monitors.

     Last but not the least, we'd like to give you a piece of advice how to invest your money properly and not to loose the honestly earned dollars. First of all, do not put all your eggs in one basket, like the proverb says. If you invest in several HYIP projects and one of them goes down, you will still earn at least some money. Try not to invest in the old HYIP. Search for something fresh as it has more chances not to collapse and also it's easier to refer people and get some amount of money for each of your referral's deposit.

     In conclusion we'd like to add that earning by the investments is, on the one hand, one of the most profitable types of earning. On the other hand, there's always a risk of loosing your money. You are free to choose safe means of earning online like PTC or Paid Surveys. If you are risky enough just follow the proverb: Nothing venture, nothing have.

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