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TOP 5 trusted PTC sites

     1. Neobux - Sign Up Now for Free!
     Neobux is a veteran on the PTC market. The old and reliable it has never disappointed its users yet. Now Neobux is available in 9 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Sweden, Polish, Greek and Finland. It used to pay out via Pay Pal only, which was quite inconvenient for some users. Now it also offers Alert Pay as an alternative, which is much better.

     2. Onbux - Sign Up Now for Free!

     OnBux is all anxious to become the number 1 PTC in the world. Starting much later than Neobux, OnBux has really achieved a lot on the PTC market. Payments are available via Pay Pal or Alert Pay. The PTC pays 1 penny for each web-site you visit. You can also multiply your earnings inviting friends to join and click too.

     3. IFBux - Sign Up Now for Free!

     IFBux is another great Paid-to-Click site. IFBux differs from Onbux and Neobux. There're much more advertisements to click there but the price fro the each click is a little bit less. This PTC has convenient interface and design just like all the sites in the list.


     4. IncraseBux - Sign Up Now for Free!

     IncraseBux is another good sponsor on the net. The site has been online since 2008 and is still on the run to become the best of the West! There're about half a million users and the bux has paid out over $2,000,000 during its existence! Beside well-known Pay Pal and Alert Pay the system supports Hoo-Pay, offshore e-currency.

     5. MoneyBux - Sign Up Now for Free!

     MoneyBux is the last project in our TOP-5 Paid-to-Click sites. It's rather similar to other 4 sites. MoneyBux offers about 10 clicks daily and works with Pay Pal, Alert Pay, Liberty Reserve. If you'd like to register in other PTCs it won't be the problem for you to find all other resources after you work one day with these 5 sites. But be aware of SCAM! Good luck!


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