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     This part of our web-site is devoted to PTC sites. PTC stands for "Paid-to-click". The meaning of this is that you earn money for clicking the links and visiting different web-sites. First of all we'd like to answer the question many of our visitors have: why would someone pay money to people for visiting his or her web-resource. Well, sometimes the advertisers want to get some big numbers of visitors in rating systems like "liveinternet",  "hotlog" and so on. That's why they do not care about the quality of the traffic, they just need these numbers. Secondly, sometimes it turns out to be rather profitable to send even such a low-quality traffic from the PTC site to some other resource or even another PTC. This all brings money to webmasters and gives a chance for people like you or me to earn some extra profit.

     Getting paid for surfing the net or doing some other similar tasks some PTC sites offer you (e.g. to register somewhere) is the easiest and the most convenient way to make money online. This type of earning does not require any extra knowledge or efforts. Though the amount of potential earnings on such sites leaves much to be desired, thousands of people earn $100-$500 monthly depending on their activity and some other criteria. Usually the money you have generated in the system are paid to you via Pay Pal or Alert Pay. Some sites also work with liberty Reserve.

     It's no wonder it would be great to create an account in all the reliable PTCs in order to earn the maximum amount of money...but let's be realistic. It's impossible to turn the work at PTCs into your main source of income. Well, if you're an illegal immigrant who desire to work for the relatively miserable sums PTC is great and the income from PC is much money! But for all normal people $100-$500 per month is a very little sum. So you have either to combine working at PTCs with some work in real life or combine it with other methods of online earning, fro instance Paid Surveys. So it's rational not to register in all the PTCs. The optimal amount would be 5-10 sites. You can find the TOP 5 paying projects on our site. We hope you'll enjoy your earning and make much money on the net, good luck!


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