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Making money while playing "Golden Clone"

     The Admin of Earning-Empire proudly presents these brief guidelines on how to earn much money in "Golden Clone", the online economic game. The description of the game is available HERE. On this page we are going to tell you how to use the potential of this game and make it work for your wealth. At first I'd like to start with some fundamental advice: do not rush through the game, invest in everything you see and so on. At first it would be useful for you to read the info while playing the game and to consult with the experienced players via chat or forum. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

     Generally, all the numerous types of earning in this game can be devided into 3 large groups:

  • Business (town planning, real estate, mines, yard etc.). Business is the most profitable type of earning. Nevertheless, it takes some investments and requires rather high social statuses such as peasant, bourgeois and higher.
  • Trade (is related to business but includes such things as speculation on the stock market, commodity exchange and also shares for securities holders). Trade is supposed to be the most efficient way to earn for the new player. It's good when you keep an eye on the news of the game and wait for the next emission. When it happens, replenish the account, then buy some stocks at the Securities Auction and resell them at the stock market. Usually the price is rather high there. Just monitor the situation at the stock market and you will see what type of securities is the best to resell. Of course you can keep the stocks and get your stock shares daily.
  • Labor (comprises work at the enterprises such as sawmill, stone pit, mine, shipyard, etc.). The first thing you should do when you ascent your social status from a tramp to a worker is to apply to four jobs: transport artel, mine, stone pit and sawmill. Working on such jobs has long-term prospectives. At first you'll get almost nothing for the work but you'll get some experience, a very important game characteristic. When you get enough of the experience you are able to exchange it to some special knowledge and get a promotion. You can also get more experience if you buy the rings at the jewelery or accomplish some fairy characters' tasks but this is not the best idea for the new player.

     Golden Clone is an imitation of the class society, where the key moment is the division of all the players according to their social statuses in the game. There are 8 statuses in the game: a tramp, a worker, a peasant, a bourgeois, a merchant, a noble, a boyar and emperor. In order to raise your social status you have to pay some fee, and the higher your status is, the more opportunities and influence you have in the game. One of the advantages of the game is the opportunity to have many clones. The only rule here is that you can't have more than one tramp. There are three ways to create a new clone but I'm not going to explain these ways as all these peculiarities are easy to understand when you play the game.

     Once registered in the game your clone automatically gets a status "tramp". Obviously, this is the lowest one. As a tramp you can be a servant in the house, work as an ambassador, or you can ask for the money in the DossHouse. You can also earn some money taking part in different contests and lotteries. You can find more info about that visiting the market-square (chat) or the city square (forum). Our advice to your is to skip all this inconvenience and simply replenish your account. It costs only 5 golden coins to get the worker's status and 10 more for the peasant. The opportunities of the each status you can see when you click "ascent" next to your social status. After you get the worker's status you had better start working at the 4 jobs we have already mentioned in this article. The experience you get for the work will be very useful in future. When you work on many jobs you have to keep an eye on the work capacity of your clone. To upkeep the work capacity just buy 10-20 eggs at the commodity exchange, then go to the refectory and eat it. Make sure you always have some products served in your refectory. Otherwise, you risk to be fired from the job without getting paid. Last but not the least - you will need a tool to be able to fill the vacancies. You can buy one at the exchanger's store or the rag-and-bone dealer.

     If you have any questions - feel free to visit chat or forum and ask, someone will always answer to you. You can also connect to the 24-hour online support center where all your questions will be answered and issues will be solved. 


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