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1. Golden Clone - Sign Up Now!

     Golden Clone is online economic simulator that imitates feudal Russia. The economic model it keeps to somewhat that country had in the XV-XVIII centuries when Russia transformed from the kingdom of Slavs into huge Russian Empire. Golden Clone is the first game imitating a full-fledged virtual state. The creators of the game must be extremely talented! The key idea here is to divide the population into 7 estates: the nobility, the merchants, the peasantry and so on. When you sign up, you become a tramp. You can work as a shiftman and get some help from the "Helping the poor Fund". The next estate is a labourer. Labourer is able to work on the factories, trade on the stock market and has a few more functions. The higher you raise, the more earning possibilities are opened to you. The official currency of the game is a golden coin. The golden coin is calculated according to the formula: 1 EUR + 1 USD / 2. You are free to both replenish the account and withdraw from the account. There are lot's of things you are able to do in this game: work at the sawmill, stonemason, miner, seaman, serve in the army, trade on the stock market, hunt for the trophies, own a jewelery, a farm, a real estate, create your princedom and much, much more! Join the community of over 155,000 players from over 10 countries now! Also it's almost our duty to mention about the perfect design of the game. The picture is so colorful and live in your browser that it really makes you want to go on playing this game, developing your clone and, by the way, making profit.

     The creators of the game write about themselves: "We have all heard about online games for money and games one has to pay for. We offer you a unique game which will change your perception of Internet games forever! The economic game Golden Clone is a full scale browser strategy and the first economic strategy game ever which enables you to earn real income. In our game you don't play for money and it is not a gambling game! The economic game Golden Clone is an interesting economy simulator of a virtual state - it is so much more than a usual online game and better than any online game for money! Our economic game enables you to gain a different perspective of the capacity of the Internet space. You may hold in your hands the future of a whole virtual space with its economical and social systems. You determine the economic strategy of your development yourself and your game characters (the virtual clones) will implement it. The wide variety of game opportunities will not only enable you to affect the economy of a virtual state, but also reveal and refine your own capabilities as head of a princedom or mayor of a town, as an exchange merchant or farmer or warrior. Hurry to combine recreation with an interesting way of earning in the Internet. This is not just another browser game - this is your new world. Begin another life - a life in this virtual world and try to reach the heights of that alternative world – follow the path from tramp to Emperor, become founder of a state and a successful businessman!"

2. Virtonomics - Sign Up Now!

     Virtonomics is an economic online game. Virtonomics is very similar to such popular table economic games as monopoly or capitalism. It is an Internet game with massive players which reflects a wild range of interests. It is for everyone who understands the laws of real life economy, business and finance, anyone who enjoys playing online games, meeting interesting people and making useful connections. There are a few fields of economy represented in the game which has more than 100 different products and constantly working on increasing these numbers! New countries and manufacturing sectors are being introduces as well as products and productions. The name of the game is made of two words: virtual and economics which means the game's genre that is a business simulator. Virtonomics is a serious game and it can be very useful for many people who want to develop some economic, marketing skills and so on. And if you are smart enough, the game gives you a unique chance to earn some real money and withdraw it from your account! There're two currencies in the game: USD and Virts. Virts is a privileged currency which you can spend on some special technologies, resources or you can just convert Virts into real money: USD or EURO.


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