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Earn money playing online games!

     Online games appeared on the scene not so long ago but their popularity has recently increased making them no less popular than usual single player video games. The advantage of such a games is evident as the gameplay is somewhat different. During the game you know that you are not competing with silly computer bots or NPC. You play with real people from different countries of the world. Almost all the games have a chat and a forum making it possible to combine communication and the game itself. There're many many games out there, of various genres and for various ages and sexes. But we are interested only in the particular kind of online games, those where the inner game currency can be converted into real money and paid out to the gamer. I must confess when I was younger I managed to earn money in all the games through my connections. I simply kind of exchanged currency, which is, of course, prohibited.

queen     To our luck some games not only just tolerate earning money there. They encourage us to do this. Most often these games are economic strategies and simulators, but sometimes it may be MMORPG and other types. Usually the scheme of making money in such a games looks this way: invest - build a strategy - make some profit - convert your profit into cash. It's not necessary to invest your money to succeed. You can just be playing for a while or take part in different contests, anyway you have to be active and offer "online" instead of money to gain some influence in the game. It's important to add that you usually do not have to spend much online to develop your character in the game. In most economic games the precess of developing is rather automatic and all you need is to sign in your account a few times a week and make so strategic decisions. 

     May be you'd like to ask why the game developers let the players earn money that they could turn into some extra profit. The thing is there are many peculiarities here. First of all, many people play just for fun and they never withdraw money. Some people act before they think and loose everything. But you, the guest of earning-empire, is going to win because you'll know what this all is about when you leave this web-resource. You'll see the link to the list of the best games I've chosen for playing and earning. It's up to you to choose whether to play them for money or just play for fun! But first let's see the pluses and minuses of these online games in brief.

    Advantages and disadvantages: 
moscow motherfucker
+ the gaming process is quite automatic, especially if you invest $15-$30. 

+ playing games is always a pleasure and much fun!

- someone may not like economic simulators.

- also you have to learn how the economic model works in such games.


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